Aakanksha, a not-for-profit, residential adoption institution on campus, was born in 2002. The Obstetricians in the institute noted that unwed mothers often abandoned their babies after they were delivered. These babies were sadly neglected, barely looked after and would wait eternally to be adopted. The faculty in the Obstetrics and Gynaecology department, moved by the plight of such babies, decided to start a center where such babies could be sheltered, cared for and given to a loving and caring family. The center also wanted to make the entire adoption procedure more child friendly so that such children are able to find placement in loving and caring families.

The child stays in the center until such time that a suitable family is identified for adoption and the mandated social and legal process is completed. Akansha is conscious of the fact that a successful adoption needs open communication, acceptance, and a supportive environment in which couples can discuss adopting a child as a viable alternative means of achieving parenthood.

The center started with 12 babies. Of the 492 babies the center has cared for till now, 443 babies have found their permanent homes by wanting couples, countrywide.

Besides being a successful child adoption center, Akanksha also runs a project for care of mothers with unwanted advanced pregnancy. The project takes care of financial needs of mother and the baby. The mother is also helped to surrender the baby legally to the center.

Adoption involves a lifelong commitment. To safeguard the interests of the child as well as the families concerned, the center follows definite procedures. These are regulated and monitored by the State authorities (Woman and Child Welfare Department, Wardha, Government of Maharashtra) and the judiciary. “Adoption was one of the most rewarding experiences of our life. Without a doubt, it changed our family forever. Being entrusted with raising a child was a dream and but for Aakanksha we could not have fulfilled our dream, “ said a teary-eyed mother who recently adopted a baby.

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