The Department of Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy (Skin & VD), MGIMS, Sevagram became an independent department in July 2003. Earlier it was one of the units under Department of Medicine.


The Department of Dermatology is well equipped to perform various diagnostic and dermato-therapeutic procedures. The diagnostic procedures routinely done are: punch, excisional, incisional and shave biopsies for accurate diagnosis of skin conditions, fungal scraping & KOH mount, Gram stain, AFB (ZN) stain and Tzanck smear. The dermatological procedures done routinely are: punch grafting, suction blister grafting and skin grafting (in collaboration with Dept. of Surgery) for vitiligo patients, cyst excision, narrow hole extrusion technique (NHET) and subcision for acne scars. Phototherapy is provided in the form of PUVA therapy for patients of psoriasis and vitiligo and narrow band UVB therapy for psoriasis, vitiligo and other dermatological conditions. The cosmetological procedures available are: chemical peeling, hair removal, removal of skin tag etc., dermabrasion (manual & electrical), microdermabrasion and tattooing. The therapeutic procedures available are: chemical cauterization, electro / radiofrequency cauterization, intralesional steroid therapies for conditions like keloid, prurigo nodularis, hypertrophied lichen planus, alopecia areata etc., corn paring, comedone expression, molluscum extraction, CO2 laser treatment, cryotherapy and iontophoresis. Diagnostic procedures like patch testing are carried out in patients with allergic contact dermatitis. The department runs speciality clinics four times a week for leprosy, psoriasis, contact dermatitis and pigmentary disorders. As per MSACS approval an STD clinic has been started since November 2009. Department of Dermatology regularly and actively participates in community activities like school diagnostic camps and rural health camps.


The department is involved in teaching and training of undergraduate, postgraduate students from other departments and nursing students. The Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy has started degree and diploma courses and admits one candidate each for degree and diploma courses each year.trinocular microscope with inbuilt camera system is used for dermato-pathological discussion and for academic purposes.


Sonia Jain

Sonia Jain

Professor and Head

Pratiksha Sonkusale

Assistant Professor

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