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Dr Indrajit Khandekar, MD (Forensic Medicine), LLB has published a dozen articles in national and international journals besides authoring a Marathi book for police officers entitled “Medico-legal aspects of Investigation of Crime” and another on multiple choice questions for MBBS students. A social activist, Dr Khandekar reported pitiable and horrendous quality of forensic medical examination of the sexually assaulted victims- a work that prompted public interest litigation (PIL) in the Mumbai High Court. The High courts asked Maharashtra Government to implement Dr Khandekar’s suggestions that led to development of new guidelines, manuals and data collection forms. This work earned him the best paper award in a national conference. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India and Department of Health Research and ICMR appointed him as a member of the expert group of Gender and Health to prepare national guidelines for the doctors. He also argued successfully for replacing paper based medico-legal reports with electronic ones, a suggestion that earned Central government’s approving nod. 

Dr Khandekar has helped police officials in Maharashtra acquire enough knowledge and skills to investigate crime- accurately and scientifically. Deeply interested in reforming the curriculum of Forensic medicine, he has submitted a 464-page report that describes his concepts to the MCI. Dr Khandekar has recently been asked to develop Clinical Forensic Medicine Unit in Kasturba Hospital. He and his team is currently busy designing innovative plans to handle all medico-legal issues related to the accident and emergency and inpatient department of the hospital. 


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