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Bioinformatics Centre at JB Tropical Disease Research Centre, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences was established in March 1999 with support from Department of Biotechnology, as part of National Bioinformatics Network. The Bioinformatics Centre has thrust on Medical / Health Informatics since inception and is actively involved in development of database software for patients’ information and for TB proteome & proteases and HPV proteome. Quarterly updates are provided through SEVAMED publication & Health Update web portal on advances in research on emerging infectious diseases and lifestyle health problems. The Centre also provides academic bibliography service and in-house Training programme for MGIMS staff when in need. Financial support for the Centre has been approved in 12th Five Year plan (2012-2017).

Major Activities

SEVAMED Publication

Centre publishes SEVAMED a Quarterly Update on Infectious Disease Research and Traditional Medicine entered 13th year of its publication and has been well received by the medical teachers and scientists throughout India. In addition to giving selected references and abstracts in hard copy ‘SEVAMED’ is now available online as e-journal (http://www.bicjbtdrc-mgims.in/sevamed/) with complete bibliography and link to abstracts for easy retrieval with interactive web pages,  beneficial to the researchers, medical practitioners and teachers.

Online Health Informatics Certification Course

The Centre has started Online Health Informatics Certification (OHIC) Course from July 2010 in collaboration with Mascon Global Limited (MGL), Gurgaon with quarterly enrolment which is being well received. 26 registrations from UK, Uganda, Mauritius, Ethiopia and India have been received to date. The Feedback has been very appreciative of the course.

Database Development

Centre has developed customized Database Software for patients’ information and Mycoprotease-DB (Mycobacterial proteases) and MTB-PCDB (Mycobacterium tuberculosis Proteome comparison) database software developed incorporating information on five clinical strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, sequenced so far. Centre has also developed HPV-PDB (Human papillomavirus Proteome Database) which includes structural and sequential inputs on 50 different completely sequenced HPV strains associated with cancer.

Health Update web portal

Centre launched a web portal MGIMS-JBTDRC Health Update for current awareness on Emerging Infectious Diseases and Lifestyle Health Problems (http://www.jbtdrc.org/Health-Update/). It covers current news & basic information on Emerging Infectious Diseases: Tuberculosis, Filaria, Avian Flu, Swine Flu, SARS, Dengue, Chikungunya, Leptospirosis etc & Lifestyle Diseases:  Obesity, Allergy, Diabetes, Heart disease, Hypertension, Depression, Alzheimer's disease etc.  Updates may help people to be conscious for taking preventive measures and better management of these diseases by the health administrators.

Holistic Healthcare web portal

Centre is developing web portal on Holistic Healthcare & Research on Lifestyle Diseases on the progress made in Indian Institutions for better awareness and interaction. This portal would be a unique platform, providing healthcare information by various Holistic Healthcare and Research Centers across the country for benefit of researchers and common people. 

Workshop & Training Courses

The Centre organizes yearly National level Workshop / Seminar / Symposium. So far, 14 such events have been organized which were well received and appreciated. 

14th Workshop (2 days) in December, 2011 was recognized and 4 credit hours were given by Maharashtra Medical Council.

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