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International CME & Conference on "Women's Health - Fatal Disorders - Survival with Quality"

Objective and Theme

Women’s health continues to be neglected though global efforts are being made. The baby girl suffers rejection in the womb, the growing girl in adolescence, the adult woman after marriage and the ageing woman in geriatric age with its own risks. The problems are around the globe with variations in the types and burden. The question is, why women should not have a dignified life in all the phases of her life.

Fortunately the world has realized that it is high time that steps taken so that a girl child enters the world with joy, lives a healthy life throughout, inspite of all the odds which nature has given her. Globally women’s health programmes have been initiated with quality monitoring. Several laws and guidelines have been developed to prevent death of a girl child in the womb, to promote adolescent health and awareness, to improve pregnancy care, effectively manage reproductive health disorders, lifestyle disorders and gynaecological cancers.

Looking into the present scenario the need for having an update on various aspects of disorders which affect women’s health and their management modalities was felt and so this academic feast has been planned:


A tribute from present and past postgraduates and faculty to Dr. Sushila Behenji....in her centenary year.


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