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MGIMS celebrates Van-Mahotsav

MGIMS celebrates Van-Mahotsav

On July 7, 2017, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (MGIMS) celebrated Van Mahotsav - an annual week-long tree planting festival in its campus. Students, residents, teachers, nurses, paramedics and staff of the institute assembled together to participate in the movement.

Dr BS Garg (Secretary KHS) and Dr P Narang (Ex-Secretary KHS) marked the occasion by planting the saplings near the recently inaugurated Mother and Child Health Wing in the campus. Dr R Narang (Emeritus Professor, Surgery), Dr OP Gupta (Emeritus Professor, Medicine), Dr AM Mehandale (Head of Department, Community Medicine), Dr Jyoti Jain (Head of Department, Medicine), Dr Satish Kumar (Head of Department, Biochemistry) also contributed to enhance the green cover.

During the festival this year, the Maharshtra Forest Department had targeted a four crore tree plantation in forest and non-forest areas while the 50-crore projection stands till the end of 2019. MGIMS took its share and planted 3000 saplings in its premises. Azadirachta indica (neem tree), Phyllanthus emblica (Indian gooseberry/awala), Millingtonia hortensis or Indian Cork tree (kawal neem/neem chameli), Pithecellobium dulce (manila tamarind), Milletia pinnata (karanj/Indian Beech tree), Cassia fistula(golden shower/Amaltas), ficus religiosa (pipal tree), Ficus benghalensis (vata/bargad/banyan tree) etc were amongst the species planted.

"We are happy that we are finally trying to fight drought and combat the onslaught of global warning”, said Mrs AN Gangane, Chief Administrative Officer and Incharge Gardening section of the institute. “We are not only focusing on planting the trees, but would also ensure their survival”, she added.

“I am sure that this effort of Van Mahotsav will go a long way in creating a greener and more beautiful Maharshtra. MGIMS has and shall always strive for healthier and cleaner environment”, assured Dr Garg.





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