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  • MGIMS surgeons remove a 10 kg tumor from patient's abdomen

MGIMS surgeons remove a 10 kg tumor from patient's abdomen

MGIMS surgeons remove a 10 kg tumor from patient's abdomen

It was just another day for Dr.Jategaonkar ,Gastro-surgeon ,working at MGIMS Sevagram when a 55 year old farmer came to his OPD after being referred from Madhya Pradesh and was carrying a giant tumour in his abdomen that made him difficult to even stand and walk without support.

Subsequently, CT scan of abdomen revealed that it was a huge 1.5 X 1 X 1 feet retroperitoneal tumour , a liposarcoma (cancerous tumour arising from fat cell )was occupying over 80% space of his abdomen. It dangerously compressing the major blood vessel and other vital organs like liver spleen stomach kidney and ureter . Such a complicated picture made it a challenging case to operate . However , Dr.Jategaonkar and his team took up the challenge as surgical removal of the tumor  was the only curative treatment modality and this patient was the only bread-winner for his entire family.

Accordingly the patient successfully underwent a 5 hour long complex surgery led by Dr. Jategaonkar (last week),and is recovering well thereafter.

“It was indeed complicated operation that not only tested our knowledge and surgical skills but also the team work of my unit as well as anaesthesia unit lead by Dr. Dhiraj Bhandari who was assisted by Dr. Pushpa. I am happy that we could remove successfully without damaging any vital structures of abdomen. Entire credit goes to my team and also to our anaesthestist for giving excellent anaesthesia.To our knowledge this was the first such large tumour removed not only in our hospital but also in this part of Maharashtra.” he equipped.

 Dr.Jategaonkar trained at K.E.M Hospital ,Mumbai, is working as Professor,Surgical Gastroenterologist and Laparoscopic surgeon at MGIMS ,Sewagram and has performed over 5000 major surgeries pertaining to abdomen so far. His team comprise of surgeons like Dr.Tushar Parmeshwar, Dr.Ramsevak , Dr.Prajyot , Dr.Jinit , Dr.Manish. Dr.Dilip Gupta ,Senior Professor and Head of Department of Surgery also appreciated this achievement and extended all support for this operation.

Thus, Dr.Jategaonkar has encouraged all the people of this region to come forward with any complicated diseases related to abdomen to get treated at MGIMS,Sewagram as hospital has not only competent doctors but also state-of-art surgical equipment with good success rate.



MGIMS awarded A+ grade by NAAC
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