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Workshop on Basics of Mechanical Ventilation held

Department of Medicine and Anesthesiology conducted a workshop on the Basics of Mechanical Ventilation on 5th October 2019.This was the 4th consecutive year of such workshop aimed to educate residents and doctors about the basics of Mechanical Ventilation.

Total 41 participants from seven different Medical colleges like MGIMS, JNMC Sawangi IGGMC Nagpur, NKP Salve Nagpur, PDMMC Amravati, SVNGMC Yavatmal, and GMC Aurangabad participated in the workshop. Before joining the workshop, the participants were made to take an online test which was formulated on practical problems during mechanical ventilation. Online link was provided to all participants to submit clinical queries before and after the workshop .During the workshop, relevant lectures explained important aspects of each topic, which was followed by workstations that dealt with practical issues during mechanical ventilation. Participants’ feedback was collected after the workshop through Google feedback form. To make sure that the participants could revise what they learnt in the workshop, PowerPoint presentation and important articles on all relevant topics about mechanical ventilation were shared with them. Dr Swapna Khanzode, (Intensivist, Wockhardt Hospital Nagpur) and Dr Hemant Deshpande (Intensivist, JNMC Sawangi) joined the workshop to educate the residents.

“We sometimes underestimate the influence of little things on the patient outcome. This workshop focuses on every small aspect of mechanical ventilation which matters most for a mechanically ventilated patient”, said Dr D Bhandari, Associate Professor of Anesthesia.

“We are happy that participants rated 4.6/5 to our workshop. We believe that workshops are just information sharing and knowledge comes through experience when information is applied practically. We made sure that the contents of the workshop are according to the needs of residents. Even after the workshop, we continue to help participants in their practical queries. We hope to continue this educational series over the years which would help residents save more lives”, said Dr Sumedh Jajoo, Associate Professor of Medicine.


MGIMS awarded A+ grade by NAAC
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