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MGIMS sets up lab for coronavirus testing

Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medial Sciences, Sevagram has fulfilled the felt need of the local community by successfully setting up a lab for conducting corona virus test. The lab would perform RT-PCR, a test that detects the RNA of corona virus and identifies those who have fallen a prey to the corona virus.

On 24 April, Dr Vibha Dutta, the AIIMS, Nagpur Director approved the MGIMS laboratory for conducting RT-PCR tests for COVID- 19.   “We left no stones unturned to ensure that we establish the lab quickly. We got our microbiologist Dr Deepashri Maraskolhe and three technicians trained at AIIMS, Nagpur; made several makeshift arrangements to satisfy the minimum requirements to run the lab and made sure that our lab possesses the mandatory safeguards (biosafety level 3) to perform the viral testing”, informed Dr Vijayshri Deotale, Head of Microbiology, MGIMS.

“We have established the lab under the mentorship of AIIMS, Nagpur and shall receive the kits for testing from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR),” said Dr NM Gangane, Dean, MGIMS.  “We are trying our best to ensure that the lab performs to its optimal efficiency and returns the test results as quickly as possible”, he added.

“The laboratory shall receive the samples from Wardha and Yavatmal districts. People suspected to have corona virus infections usually have their throat and nose swabs taken. We shall test not only those suspected to have or those caring for corona victims, but shall also test pregnant women about to deliver, patients undergoing operations, and those on maintenance dialysis. Now the samples won’t have to travel to the government labs at Nagpur but shall be speedily and efficiently tested in the district itself ”, said Dr SP Kalantri (Medical Superintendent, Kasturba Hospital)





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