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World Environment Day celebrated

World Environment Day celebrated

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (MGIMS) launched a tree plantation drive where faculty, nurses, and staff of the institute planted saplings and made a sincere effort in making earth a better place for the future generation. 

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5 across the globe to create awareness for environment and importance of protecting planet Earth and Mother Nature. The theme for World Environment Day this year is ‘Biodiversity’. The theme focuses on the need to save resources and reconnect with nature.

Dr. NM Gangane (Dean, MGIMS) marked the occasion by planting an Amaltas(Cassia fistula or Indian Laburnum tree) commonly known as Golden Shower. It is the state flower of Kerala and national flower of Thailand as well as national tree of Thailand.

“Grove of trees like Indian cork tree(Kaval neem/akash neem), Mango, Azadirachta Indica or neem tree,Cassia fistula tree( Amaltas/Indian Laburnum), Rain tree, Mimusops Elengi(Bulletwood tree/bakul tree) are planned to put up in days to come. Last year we participated in the Maharashtra Forest Department’s target of 50 crore tree plantation drive”, informed Mrs AN Gangane, Chief Administrative Officer and Incharge Gardening section of the institute. “We are not only focusing on planting the trees, but would also ensure their survival”, she added.

“This year has been generous and kind to the Mother Nature. The environment seems to be rejuvenating itself. Like other things, it needs a downtime too. Environment Day reminds us not to take nature for granted”, said Dr Gangane, urging people to act responsibly towards the environment.


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