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A large watermelon sized tumor removed at Kasturba Hospital

A large watermelon sized tumor removed at Kasturba Hospital

On 14th January 2022, a team of doctors from Kasturba Hospital, Sevagram performed a challenging surgery to remove a 7.5 Kg tumor from the salivary gland of a middle-aged patient. The surgery lasted for about six hours.

A 51 year old man from Gadchiroli presented with a large watermelon-sized swelling in his neck. The tumor had kept increasing in size for the past 15 years. Unable to sustain the bulge, the patient knocked at the doors of many hospitals in Vidarbha, but was turned away.  

The team of doctors from Kasturba Hospital took up the challenge and performed a surgery that lasted for six hours. The tumor was successfully removed. The team comprised of Dr Pooja Batra, Dr P Nagpure, Dr Ramesh Pandey, Dr Richa Goyal and Dr Imran, Dr Mrunalini Fulzele and Dr Nikhil. Dr Dilip Gupta and Dr Sudha Jain appreciated this achievement and extended their support for the operation.

“The six hours long surgery was quite difficult as the tumor was sitting over important blood vessels of the neck. We had to be extremely cautious while removing it. The patient is still recovering now”, informed Dr Batra (Professor of Surgery, MGIMS). “It was quite a complicated task to remove such a huge tumor arising out of salivary gland. It is probably one of the largest in the world”, said Dr Pandey (Professor of Surgery, MGIMS).

 “The patient had lost all the hope of leading a healthy tumor-free life. Performing such a rare surgery was no mean feat and I am happy with the effort that our team has put in saving this patient”, said Dr Kalantri (Medical Superintendent, Kasturba Hospital).

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