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  • CT simulator with the largest bore size of 85 cm inaugurated

CT simulator with the largest bore size of 85 cm inaugurated

CT simulator with the largest bore size of 85 cm inaugurated

On 16 Nov 2022, the newly installed CT Stimulator machine was inaugurated at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Science’s department of Radiotherapy by Shri Dhirubhai Mehta (President Kasturba Health Society) and Shri PL Tapadiya (Vice-President, Kasturba Health Society). Dr BS Garg (Secretary, Kasturba Health Society), Dr SP Kalantri (Medical Superintendent, Kasturba Hospital), Dr Ajay Shukla (Vice Dean, MGIMS), Prof. N. R. Datta (Head of Radiotherapy, MGIMS), head of other departments, faculty, residents, and staff were present during the occasion. 

CT (Computed Tomography) simulators have become the standard of care for radiotherapy. It is an advanced machine that helps the radiotherapy team in the precise treatment planning process by determining the exact location, shape and size of a patient’s tumour. A CT scanner consists of a CT scanner, a multi-image display, a treatment planning device with real-time visual optimization, and a laser beam projector. 

“The department of Radiotherapy has seen a major makeover in the last year. It has upgraded its radiotherapy facilities and introduced several key therapeutic modalities for cancer treatment that are novel, not only in the region but also in the country”, said Shri Dhirubhai Mehta. “The department has introduced hyperthermia for cancer treatment, a unique therapeutic modality along with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. More than 150 patients have been already treated with hyperthermia along with radiotherapy and chemotherapy and have shown very promising outcomes, especially for locally advanced cancers that are very common in this region”, Shri Mehta added.

“First in Central India and third in the country, our CT Stimulator is the latest model from Siemens with largest central bore of 85 cm. This would allow patients undergoing radiotherapy to be precisely imaged with customized immobilization devices that are required for positional accuracy during radiotherapy dose delivery in every patient. In addition, the present CT Simulator allows faster scanning with low radiation exposure to the patients”, informed Shri PL Tapadiya.

“Our department is offering a unique blend of conventional as well as modern and novel therapeutic treatment plans to offer the best possible treatment to our cancer patients of Maharashtra and adjoining States. We not only believe in favorable outcomes with cost-effective treatment approaches but also in preservation of the structure and function of the affected organ to help improve the quality of life of our patients. Thus, apart from state-of-the-art image guided radiation therapy, we also have facilities for remote after loading high-dose-rate brachytherapy for all tumor sites. This enables us to deliver radiation to the affected body location with utmost precision and minimize the dose to the adjacent normal structures. The availability of the 85 cm wide bore CT simulator would empower a more precise and personalize radiation therapy planning for treatment delivery by both teletherapy and brachytherapy to our patients”, said Prof Datta.

“With virtual endoscopic 3D reconstruction and virtual angiography, we shall be able to minimize the need for physical intervention, like endoscopy and angiography. We could thereby image the patients to assess their treatment response both during and after the completion of their treatment, thereby monitor closely their treatment outcome”, said Dr Ashok Singh, Associate Professor of Radiotherapy.

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