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22nd Annual Workshop on Basic New-born Care and Resuscitation

22nd Annual Workshop on Basic New-born Care and Resuscitation

For a little over two decades, the Department of Pediatrics, MGIMS has been trying relentlessly to educate the MBBS students in the nuances of neonatal resuscitation. A one-day workshop on neonatal resuscitation training is a part of this initiative. MGIMS was- and till very recently has been- the only medical college in the country to teach the final MBBS students learn the skills of neonatal resuscitation.

Over the time, the department has evolved this activity based on various principles of adult learning. It tried to make it more learner friendly. The faculty chose to drop off most didactic lectures and began using mannequins- a change that helped medical students gain extensive hands-on experience.

So on this weekend, 5th and 6th September, the department conducted the 22nd Annual Workshops on Basic New-born Care and Resuscitation for the final year MBBS students. On 5th September, the faculty (Dr KY Vilhekar, Dr Manish Jain, Dr Akash Bang, Dr Richa Choudhary, Dr Rupali Dange, Dr Yogendra Waradkar, Dr Deepshikha Jain and Dr Ravikiran Shinde) discussed various basic nevertheless important aspects of newborn care like prevention and management of hypothermia, feeding of normal and low birth weight babies, neonatal jaundice, neonatal sepsis, respiratory distress, and danger signs.

On 6th September, the class was broken into groups of eight students each. Each group learned as a team, interacted with the facilitator faculty, and gave feedback to each other. The entire new-born resuscitation algorithm was broken into specific individual skills. Medical students were taught how to prepare for the birth. The class watched a video and then in several small group sessions, it practiced the skills. As the day passed by, the faculty helped the class understand how to prepare for the birth, how to take routine care at birth, initial steps of resuscitation, bag-mask ventilation and chest compressions.

The response was overwhelming. Medical students loved the workshop. Students from Maastricht University, Netherlands completing their six weeks internship at the Pediatrics Department also attended the workshop. Their feedback was also extremely gratifying, and they were thrilled at the richness of the learning experience.

MGIMS awarded A+ grade by NAAC
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