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CME on Pediatric Nephrology Update

CME on Pediatric Nephrology Update

On 26th and 27th September 2015, Department of Pediatrics successfully organized a Pediatric Nephrology Update- first of its kind in Vidarbha, consisting of a hands-on training workshop on Peritoneal Dialysis and a CME on Recent Advances in Pediatric Nephrology in collaboration with a pan-Maharashtra NGO, Kidney Foundation for Children.

Kidney is a vital organ that helps in removal of excess fluid and toxic waste products by urine production and conservation of various essential products. Various kidney or urinary tract diseases are quite commonly encountered in children. Further, kidney is a common organ affected in sick ICU children and kidney failure can lead to death of a child due to accumulation of toxic substances and waste products and excess fluid in the body. Peritoneal Dialysis- a procedure to remove these waste products and excess fluid is much more effective in children than in adults. Adequate knowledge of kidney failure and kidney related problems and simple procedural skills like Peritoneal Dialysis can prevent deaths.

This was the vision behind this 2 days Pediatric Nephrology Update happening for the first time in Vidarbha- imparting the knowledge and skills in basic pediatric nephrology encountered in general pediatric OPD and ICU practice.

Faculty included a galaxy of experts and some internationally known teachers from Pediatric Nephrology. Dr Kumud Mehta (Currently Pediatric Nephrologist, Jaslok Hospital & Wadia Hospital and Ex-Professor-Head, Pediatrics and Pediatric Nephrology, Wadia Hosp, Mumbai has been a pioneer in Pediatric Nephrology in India and was amongst the first to start a pediatric nephrology division in 1976), Dr Uma Ali (Currently Professor and Head, Pediatric Nephrology and PICU, Wadia Hospital and Consultant Pediatric Nephrologist, Lilavati and Jupiter Hospitals, Mumbai has trained many pediatric intensivists and nephrologists in the country under her), Dr Jyoti Sharma (Pediatric Nephrologist, KEM Hospital, Pune), Dr Manoj Matnani (Pediatric Nephrologist, KEM & Jehangir Hospitals, Pune and Bombay Hosp, Mumbai & Associate Professor, Pediatric Nephrology, DYPMC, Pune), Dr Srinivasu Achanta (Pediatric Nephrologist, Nagpur), Dr Pankaj Bhansali (Pediatric Nephrologist, Assistant Professor, MGMMC, Aurangabad) guided the 53 participants that came from all-over Vidarbha including Gondia, Nagpur, Chandrapur, Amravati, Akola, and Yavatmal to attend the program.

On 26th September, the participants learnt the diagnosis and treatment of Acute Kidney Injury, broke in small groups to receive hands on and video demonstrations on how to initiate and troubleshoot Peritoneal Dialysis, and got a chance to practice the whole procedure on dummies. The workshop ended with discussions on various case scenarios.

On 27th September, the day started with Prof Dr Vilhekar (Head of dept Pediatrics and Organizing Chairperson) welcoming the faculty delegates and Prof Dr Uma Ali (President of Kidney Foundation for Children) explaining the vision of their NGO. Thereafter, the faculty unraveled the mysteries of nephrology through 9 lectures and a panel discussion on important common kidney problems. The lectures included-

  • Chronic Kidney Disease- what the pediatrician needs to know
  • Nephrotic Syndrome- clarifying confusing issues
  • Acute glomerulonephritis and approach to hematuria
  • AKI –Non dialytic management
  • Approach to renal tubular disorders
  • Bedwetting in children
  • Antenatally detected hydronephrosis
  • UTI- common issues in office practice
  • Imaging in nephro urology– using the right vision

The panel discussion utilized various real life case scenarios to highlight the nuances in management of miscellaneous problems like Post Urethral valve, Neonatal Renal Failure, Drug induced renal injury, stones etc and evoked extensive audience interaction. The day ended with vote of thanks by Dr Akash Bang, the organizing secretary, who proposed to the delegates that no child should die of acute kidney failure for lack of the skills and expertise needed for peritoneal dialysis.

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