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Workshop on Developing Good Study Skills conducted

Workshop on Developing Good Study Skills conducted

On Sunday, 25th October 2015, faculty members from the Medical Education Unit (MEU) of MGIMS organized a Workshop on "Developing Good Study Skills for undergraduate students. This workshop was the first activity of the Personal and Professional Development subgroup of the MEU, in its attempt to broaden the horizons of students towards all-round development. Thirty-one undergraduates volunteered to participate in the workshop. 

 The workshop began with Dr. Abhishek Raut asking students to reflect on their strengths as learners, and then to brainstorm on the habits of highly successful students. This was followed by making students aware of their own learning styles. Dr. Puja Hingorani-Bang made students aware of how they could tailor their learning strategies according to their preferred learning style. Following this, Dr. Anshu conducted an interactive session on memory, retrieval and long term information retention strategies. Dr. MVR Reddy asked students to analyze their time management, shared practical tips on how one could reduce procrastination and gave tips on how to manage stress and anxiety. Dr. Subodh S Gupta conducted a session on metacognition and the need to plan to learn according to one's potential. 

This was followed by Dr. Puja's session where she discussed how one could make learning in clinical settings more effective. Dr. Anshu conducted sessions on effective reading and Cornell note taking technique while Dr. Abhishek conducted a session on concept maps- all three are time-tested methods used by students worldwide. Dr. Subodh emphasized the importance of teams in his session on collaborative learning. The session ended with Dr. Abhishek and Dr. Anshu giving tips on how to write examination papers and answer vivas.

 The entire workshop was delivered in a fun manner using interactive techniques, games and sharing personal experiences. As one student commented: "It is not too often that we volunteer to spend 9 hours on a Sunday during our exam preparatory leaves for something teachers conduct- and not regret it!” While the workshop did hand out tips on how to prepare for examinations, the overall focus remained on meaningful deep learning and lifelong learning, rather than cramming.

MGIMS awarded A+ grade by NAAC
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