On this occasion, Dr BS Garg, Secretary, Kasturba Health Society and Dr Kisan Patond, Dean, MGIMS inaugurated the camp by lighting the lamp as a tribute to Bapu, Kasturba and Dr Sushila Nayar. Dr Atul Tayade, head, department of Radiology, was the first to donate blood, a tradition he has been following since years. A stream of students, faculty and staff members followed him. The donors were checked to ensure that they were fit to donate the blood and each donated 350 ml of blood to save someone's life.

MGIMS is working actively to create awareness about Blood donation and has been organizing community based blood donation camps to meet this objective. Every year, the department of Pathology organizes about fifty such camps with a single vision- to save someone’s life! Dr NS Ingole, Director Professor of Blood Bank and Hematology estimated that a total of around 4500 units of blood to be generated through these camps which he said could save about 10,600 lives every year!