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Dr Aparna Govil Bhasker

From being the first female student to specialize in General Surgery at MGIMS to becoming one of the most reputed bariatric surgeons in the country today, Dr Aparna Govil Bhasker—an alumnus of the 1996 batch of MGIMS—has come a long way.

Trained in Advanced Laparoscopy and Bariatric Surgery Dr Aparna offers her professional services in several distinguished hospitals in Mumbai. Veteran in single incision bariatric surgery, she performs both bariatric as well as laparoscopic GI surgeries with great aplomb and finesse.

Dr Aparna has a keen interest in academics and research. She holds a diploma on ‘Principles and practice of clinical research’ from the Harvard Medical School (2015). She has published extensively on issues related to bariatric surgery. She is a regular contributor to the Position Statement Committee of International Federation for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery (IFSO). She is the National Co-ordinator for Multi-national Audits conducted by TUGS (The Upper GI Surgeons) and is a managing committee member of IMA Mumbai West and the Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society of India (OSSI). She is the international co-ordinator for TUGS Women, an offshoot of TUGS that works towards advocacy for women in surgery. A much sought after faculty and speaker in conferences, she has also performed many live surgeries training workshops. She also hosts a course on ‘Advanced Bariatric Nutrition’ that trains the nutritionists in Bariatric Nutrition.

Dr Aparna has authored ‘Dear people, with love and care your doctors’ (2019) and co-authored “Sleeve Gastrectomy’ (2015), ‘Management of nutritional and metabolic complications of bariatric surgery’ (2021) and ‘Bariatric Recipes—A global cookbook from India’ (2021). In addition, she has contributed chapters in many textbooks on bariatric and gastro-intestinal surgery.

Dr Aparna has many facets. An avid painter—her work receives rave accolades from art connoisseurs—and a passionate blogger, Dr Aparna’s blogs are rated interesting and thought provoking by the audience. She also runs a charitable organization called AuroMira Care Foundation in Mumbai.

Dr Aparna acknowledges the role of her alma matter—MGIMS—in inculcating in her a strong foundation of clinical medicine and social responsibility.

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