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Dr Mridul Panditrao

By profession, Dr Mridul Panditrao is an anesthesiologist and an intensivist. Born into a typical middle- class Maharashtrian Family (father, a BJ Pune alumnus and a general practitioner; mother, a MA (Marathi), homemaker), Mridul came to Sevagram in June 1976.

He was 4th on waiting list of Maharashtra applicants for MGIMS. Destiny brought him to MGIMS. Two days after the MGIMS results for MBBS admissions were announced, the two regional government medical colleges declared their results. As luck would have it, four MGIMS candidates left and he was in, ‘the last to enter’. That left a deep impact on his mind and shaped his stay in MGIMS. Dr Mridul says, “It became a personal issue for me, to wipe that stigma of ‘last’ at any cost. The MBBS was a whirlwind of study, class rooms, labs, field visits, ward rounds, seminars, and exams. Sevagram also offered tremendous opportunity to showcase my talent- as a left-hand batsman and a specialist I played quite a few cricket matches and also acted in Hindi and Marathi dramas. What has left a lasting impression on my mind is the dedication, personal interest and commitment of teachers, the sense of belonging and camaraderie (one batch per block) although belonging to diverse cultures and geographical regions of the country, the small number, close association in thick and thin of the things. These are indeed unique characteristics of MGIMS that keep on shaping our minds and personalities. Medical students inculcate such virtues as being a part of altruistic, non-materialistic and benevolent world. This has become the guiding principle in my life, giving me an ‘aura’ of an academician, and a "Professor"!

Dr Mridul went on to obtain MD in Anesthesiology from PGIMER, Chandigarh, where the values that he learnt at Sevagram - hard work, sincerity and accountability- got further strengthened. He trained to be analytical, decisive and critical in his approach, be it managing patients in OR/ICU or taking decisions in life. So when opportunity- University of West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica- knocked, he and his wife, Minnu, seized the opportunity with both hands and never regretted his decision. Life just went on a high tide, in Nassau, Bahamas. After a satisfying stay and clearing USMLE, in first attempt (he got residency in almost, every subject except Anesthesiology), he decided to return to the ‘Dear Motherland’- for better or for worse. But destiny was on his side. Over the years, he rose to become a Professor, led the Department of Anesthesiology, and recently became Dean of Academic Affairs of Adesh University in Punjab.

Selfless and untiring, Dr Mridul enjoys the dual responsibility of being an anesthesiologist, an academician and an administrator in Adesh Medical/University. He has earned the reputation of being a teacher students love, a mentor residents love to be in touch with and an administrator who means business. He loves creating and establishing new program, designing new syllabi, getting his medical schools accredited by national and international bodies, supervising undergraduate and postgraduate admissions, mentoring what he calls “Panditrao’s Pride”, and publishing medical journals.

Dr Mridul’s take home message to the medical aspirants: Strive to be a good Indian, beyond narrow boundaries of caste, creed, religion, regionalism, language and culture! Strive to be a global citizen. Broaden your ideology. Then even “Sky will not be a limit for you”!

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