Dr KK Aggarwal

Recipient of Padma Shri (2010), National President of the Indian Medical Association (2016-17), Dr. BC Roy National Award (2005), National Science Communication Award and Vishwa Hindi Samman (2015) awards, Krishan Kumar Aggarwal belongs to the class of 1975. A Consultant Cardiologist, President of Heart Care Foundation of India, and the Honorary Secretary General of the Medical Council of India, Krishan is gifted with a multifaceted and dynamic personality. His pursuit of excellence continues in the roles of physician-scientist, academic teacher, writer, editor, administrator and a public health activist.

Gold Medalist and Nagpur University topper throughout a medical career, Krishan obtained MD (Medicine) from MGIMS in 1983. During his MD at Sevagram, he was deputed for a six- weeks training at AIIMS Immunology department. Dr. AN Malviya, the head of the Immunology Department wrote in his testimonial, "I found Dr. Krishan Kumar to be an extremely bright, enthusiastic and hardworking physician, who has a very keen sense of clinical research. I also found him to be compassionate towards his patients. I feel that with his clear thinking, enthusiasm for hard and honest work and perseverance, he should become one of the top physicians in India. “These words were indeed prophetic, for in the three decades since, Krishan has achieved much more than his master expected him to perform.

After obtaining MD, he joined Moolchand Medcity, New Delhi where he currently serves as a senior consultant, Physician and Cardiologist and Dean, Board of Medical Education. The first to use clot busters in patients with acute myocardial infarction (1984), he introduced color Doppler echocardiography in North India in 1987.

Group Editor-in-chief of IJCP Group of Publications and emedinews- the first national daily medical newspaper, Krishan is well known for the several roles he plays: a compulsive writer, an eloquent columnist and a much sought-after TV anchor. Krishan champions the cause of medical professionals, fights for human rights, defends medical ethics, and is keenly interested in revamping the medical education in India. He uses alternative medicine - Yoga and Ayurveda - to treat his patients with diabetes and cardiac problems and believes that if we have to stop the Juggernaut of lifestyle disorders, we need to focus on primary prevention. He is also a Limca Book of World Record Holder for the maximum people trained in the life-saving technique of Hands-only CPR.

Krishan was the fourth postgraduate student to obtain MD (Medicine) from MGIMS. Greatly influenced by Dr. Khatri, the legendary teacher who was serving as professor of Medicine at MGIMS- Krishan developed a fascination for clinical medicine and would work almost 24/7 in the medicine wards of the old Kasturba Hospital, Sevagram, trying to unwrap mystery from complex medical maladies. Recalls Krishan of his MGIMS days, “MGIMS taught me how doctors diagnosed illness using their own senses, by poking, prodding, looking, listening. From these observations, a skilled doctor can make amazingly accurate inferences about what ails the patient. MGIMS taught me how to use meaningfully such investigations as echocardiography, stress tests and cardiac catheterization for patients with cardiac disorders. I realized that the full ritual of history and physical examination was necessary to establish that connection between the tradition and technology. Those skills have stood me in good stead, all my life, and I am ever indebted to MGIMS and teachers for making me what I am.”

Krishan’s persona, his incredible charisma and life story makes an interesting reading- starting from his serene childhood in Delhi and continuing through his admission to MGIMS, his residency days in the hospital wards, his falling in love with research during medical school, and his ascent to the summit of cardiology to become the legend that he is, the undisputed “king” of this discipline.

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