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International editors often lament that medical research in our country not only lacks quality, but we are even headed in the wrong direction. The research is often “ me too”, and largely irrelevant - it is not done in areas in which it is 'needed' in India (according to distribution, determinants and outcomes of diseases) like infectious diseases and mother and child health.

MGIMS is an exception. Right from its inception, MGIMS has accorded the highest importance to medical research. Several disorders - tuberculosis, filariasis, and leprosy, for example - are prevalent in this area as are snake bites, strokes and heart attacks. MGIMS faculty have focused on these areas and have shown that they have the ability to ask right questions and use appropriate study designs to find out answers to the problems they encounter every day.

The large number of funded projects awarded to the various departments is ample testimony to the potential of the researchers. MGIMS has consistently received funding from the Indian Council of Medical Research, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Biotechnology, University Grants Commission, WHO, UNICEF, PATH (USA), Fogarty AIDS Research and Training Program, USA, Canadian Institute of Health Research, Population Health Research Institute, Canada, National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Heart Lung Blood Institute (NHLBI) and several such organizations.

Being located in Sevagram has never been a hurdle in acquiring either funds or facilities as the enthusiasm and the dedication of the faculty surpasses all other deterrents. With the support from extramural funding agencies, some of the pre and para clinical departments have developed good research laboratories with sophisticated instruments and infrastructure including CPCSEA registered animal house facilitating research in the areas of drug development, applied immunology and cellular and molecular biology. Similarly, researchers from Sevagram have also focused on community based research. Each year, the large numbers of national and international peer reviewed publications from this Institute provide evidence of excellence in research.

Worldwide, in medical schools, the phrase publish or perish (i.e. publish your research or risk losing your job) keeps on reminding young doctors and scientists that the ladder of academic success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of publications. Despite its cynicism the phrase makes an important point- if science is to grow, research and publications are important. Researchers at MGIMS- young and old- are conscious of this adage and strive hard to generate high quality research, year after year.

In an editorial (Nat Med J India 1998; 11[1]:1-2), Dr Samiran Nundy had pointed out that less than10% of the projects funded by the Indian Council of Medical Research end as publications in indexed journals and in 1991 only 41 out of the 88 Indian medical colleges which received research grants produced any papers at all. This means, Nandi added, that most of the money doled out for research by our premier research body is being wasted. Not so in Sevagram.

Beginning 1971, the MGIMS faculty has published a total of 3160 research papers. These papers have found their way in such prestigious journals as JAMA, Int J Tuberc Lung Dis., PLos One, Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg, Eur Respir J, PLoS Med, Diagn Cytopathol, Acta Cytol, Int J Fertil and AIDS Care. Several papers have been cited more than 200 times and have been accorded high rank on citation index- a measure of the quality of paper.

Community Medicine

Health and Demographic Surveillance system (HDSS) Sevagram; Grant (Rs.in lakh)7.8

Garg BS Raut AV, Bharambe MS, Kalantri A, Mundra A, Jakasania A, Dhatrak Amey

Funded by: KHS, Sevagram, 2019 onwards

A Phase 2/3 Observer-blind, Randomized, Controlled study to determine the Safety & Immunogenicity of COVISHIELD (Covid-19 vaccine) in Healthy Indian Adults ; Grant (Rs.in lakh)42.96

Garg BS, Raut AV, Khairkar V, Jain J, Maliye C, Kalantri A

Funded by: ICMR, New Delhi, 2020-2021

Assessment of RMNCH services during COVID-19 pandemic in Rural Area of India; ; Grant (Rs.in lakh)10.87

Garg BS, Raut AV, Mundra A, Jakasania A, Bahulekar P, Gupta SS

Funded by: WHO Regional Office, New Delhi, 2020-2021

Empowering Family and Community for Responsive Caregiving ; Grant (Rs.in lakh) 67.10

Gupta SS, Garg BS, Maliye CH, Raut AV, Bahulekar PV, Kalantri A, Mundra A, Jakasania A, Anshu

Funded by: UNICEF, Mumbai, 2018 - 2021

Phase III, Multicentre, Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Study to Evaluate Efficacy of Probiotic Supplementation for Prevention of Neonatal Sepsis in 0-2 Months old Low Birth Weight Infants in India ; Grant (Rs.in lakh) 28.72 (Coordinating site), Sevagram Site

Gupta SS, Garg BS, Maliye C, Khairkar V, Jain M, Dikshit S,Raut AV, Mundra A,Kumar S, Anshu

Funded by: MRC through ICMR, 2020 - 2023

Sero-surveillance to monitor the trend of SARS-CoV-2 infection transmission in Wardha district ; Grant (Rs.in lakh)19.98

Gupta S, Deotale V, Narang R, Kumar S, Madavi P, Dawale A, Zalke V, Mundra A, Maraskolhe D, Dhatrak A, Dambhare DG

Funded by: Govt. of Maharashtra, 2020-2021

Interventions for an age-integrated society to help children and adolescents Thrive ; Grant (Rs.in lakh)4.4

Gupta S, Maliye C, Jakasania A, Mundra A, Raut AV, Kalantri A, Dhatrak A, Bahulekar PV

Funded by: WHO Regional Office, New Delhi, 2021

A phase 2/3, Randomized, Observer-blind, Controlled Multi-center study to evaluate the Lot to Lot Consistency of SIIPL Meningococcal ACYWX Conjugate Vaccine (NmCV-5) and to compare its safety and Immunogenicity with that of Licensed Meningococcal ACWY vaccine Menactra in Health Individuals 18-85 years of age ; ; Grant (Rs.in lakh)36.24

Maliye C, Garg BS, Raut AV, Jain J

Funded by: SIIL, Pune, 2020 – 2021

A multi-centre Phase II/III double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of VPM 1002 in theprevention of tuberculosis (TB) patients after successful TB treatment; Grant (Rs.in lakh)10.35

Raut AV, Garg BS, Gupta SS, Kalantri A, Jain J, Maraskolhe D,

Funded by: SIIL, Pune, 2017 – 2021

Inclusive Early Childhood Development for 0-3 year’s children in the context of the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) scheme; Grant (Rs.in lakh) 10.00

Raut AV, Gupta SS

Funded by: Porticus through Ummeed, 2020-2021

Health and Demographic Surveillance system (HDSS) Sevagram 15.00

Garg BS, Raut AV, Bharambe MS, Kalantri A, Mundra A, Jakasania A, Dhatrak A

Funded by KHS, Sevagram, 2019 onwards



Confirmation of diseases of public health importance under the IDSP (Integrated Disease surveillance Programme) State surveillance net work (Referral Lab.); Grant (Rs.in lakh)1

Deotale V, Maraskolhe D

Funded by Govt. of Maharashtra .

Sentinel Surveillance Hospitals Vector Borne Disease ;Grant (Rs.in lakh)3.36

Thamke D, Attal R

Funded by Govt. of Maharashtra

Capacity Building and strengthening of Hospital infection control, detect and prevent antimicrobial resistance in India; Grant (Rs.in lakh)55

Deotale V, Attal R

Funded by ICMR,AIIMS, CDC India

MGIMS Regional centre for Antibiotic resistance surveillance network ;Grant (Rs.in lakh) 16.77

Deotale V, Narang P, Maraskolhe D, Attal R

Funded by ICMR

Initiating Antimicrobial Stewardship Activities in Hospitals inIndia 9.39

Taksande B, Deotale V, Attal R,Bhandari D ,Jajoo S

Funded by ICMR

Intensified Pulmonary Tuberculosis case finding among Selected High risk patients attending Secondary level public health care facilities.Grant (Rs.in lakh: 12.05

Gupta S, Deotale V, Maliye C, Raut A

Funded by ICMR

Phase- III Multicentric randomized, double blind, placebo controlled study to Evaluate efficacy of Probiotic supplementation for prevention of neonatal sepsis in 0-2 months pld low birth weight infant in Wardha District

Gupta S, Tadas S, Dawale A, Deotale V, Kumar S, Dambhare,D, Mundra,A, Dhatrak A, Maraskolhe D

Funded by ICMR

Serosurveillance to monitor the trend of SARS-CoV-2 infection transmission in Wardha District; Grant (Rs.in lakh)16.98

GargBS, Raut A, Deotale V, Mundra A

Funded byGovt. Of Maharashtra


Obstetrics and Gynecology

Moli Project; Grant (Rs.in lakh) 17.00

Shivkumar PV

Funded by Gynuity Health Project, New York, 2020

Community Based study of effect of Biomass fuel in Pregnancy outcome with special reference to hypertensive disorders, other complications, birth weights, still birth neonatal, infant mortality in tribal communities of Melghat region hilly forestry region of Amravati, Maharashtra in Central India Grant (Rs.in lakh): 13.3

Chhabra S

Funded by ICMR

Maternal and Perinatal Health Research (MaaTHRI Project);Grant (Rs.in lakh) 1.17

Chhabra S

Funded by Nuffield department of population health, University of Oxford

MCH Training Grant (Rs.in lakh) 6.7


Funded by Govt of Maharashtra, Govt of Madhya Pradesh, Govt of Assam

BIRAC Project $


Funded by BIRAC , Govt of India

PPH Project;Grant (Rs.in lakh) 35

Shivkumar PV

Funded by Harvard University, USA

Jiv Daya Partograph Project

Shivkumar PV

Funded by Jiv Daya Foundation, Dallas, Texas, USA, 2013 onwards

Educating rural Indian women about domestic and Sexual violence by utilizing ANM and ASHA

Tayade S

Funded by GHETS, USA

Hypertensive Pregnancy :Grant (Rs.in lakh) 2.2

Jain S

Funded by ICMR

Community based study of magnitude of abortion, spontaneous and induced, immediate and late complication and care sought by rural women of two district of Maharashtra; India Grant (Rs.in lakh)8.4 .

Chhabra S

Funded by ICMR

Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, prevention, early detection, prevention of savirity and mortality through cost effective sustainable ways in two tertiary centres in two state of india.

Chhabra S

Funded by ShrimantShankaradevi University of Health Sciences, Guwahati, Assam

GHETS Mini Project

Chhabra S

Funded by GHETS

Health seeking practices amongst women of Low Resource Rural Terrain

Chhabra S

Funded by Indo- Canadian – Shashtri Institute Through University of British Colombia

Emergency Obstetric Care

Dr. Poonam Varma Shivkumar

Funded by Govt of Maharashtra, Govt of India, FOGSI, AVNI Foundation

Prevention of parent to child transmission of HIV / AIDS $

Chhabra S

Funded by Govt of Maharashtra, 2002 onwards



Rural Population Based Cancer Registry of Wardha District; Grant (Rs.in lakh)38.7

Gangane NM

Funded by ICMR, 2010 onwards

Population Based Cancer Survival on Cancers of the Breast, Cervix and Head and Neck; Grant (Rs.in lakh) 0.8

Gangane N,

Funded by ICMR, March 2017 onwards.

Additional Hospital Based Cancer Registry in source of Registration of PBC; Grant (Rs.in lakh)

Gangane N, Anshu

Funded by ICMR, 2020 onwards.



Congenital Rubella Syndrome (CRS); Grant (Rs.in lakh) 10.98

Jain M

Funded by ICMR, Pune, 2019 onwards



Pharmacovigilance Project

Verma S

Funded by Central Govt. of India

Materio Vigilance Project

Verma S, Pawar J

Funded by Central Govt. of India

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