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Funded Research - Microbiology

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Confirmation of diseases of public health importance under the IDSP (Integrated Disease surveillance Programme) State surveillance net work (Referral Lab.); Grant (Rs.in lakh)1

Deotale V, Maraskolhe D

Funded by Govt. of Maharashtra .

Sentinel Surveillance Hospitals Vector Borne Disease ;Grant (Rs.in lakh)3.36

Thamke D, Attal R

Funded by Govt. of Maharashtra

Capacity Building and strengthening of Hospital infection control, detect and prevent antimicrobial resistance in India; Grant (Rs.in lakh)55

Deotale V, Attal R

Funded by ICMR,AIIMS, CDC India

MGIMS Regional centre for Antibiotic resistance surveillance network ;Grant (Rs.in lakh) 16.77

Deotale V, Narang P, Maraskolhe D, Attal R

Funded by ICMR

Initiating Antimicrobial Stewardship Activities in Hospitals inIndia 9.39

Taksande B, Deotale V, Attal R,Bhandari D ,Jajoo S

Funded by ICMR

Intensified Pulmonary Tuberculosis case finding among Selected High risk patients attending Secondary level public health care facilities.Grant (Rs.in lakh: 12.05

Gupta S, Deotale V, Maliye C, Raut A

Funded by ICMR

Phase- III Multicentric randomized, double blind, placebo controlled study to Evaluate efficacy of Probiotic supplementation for prevention of neonatal sepsis in 0-2 months pld low birth weight infant in Wardha District

Gupta S, Tadas S, Dawale A, Deotale V, Kumar S, Dambhare,D, Mundra,A, Dhatrak A, Maraskolhe D

Funded by ICMR

Serosurveillance to monitor the trend of SARS-CoV-2 infection transmission in Wardha District; Grant (Rs.in lakh)16.98

GargBS, Raut A, Deotale V, Mundra A

Funded byGovt. Of Maharashtra


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