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Funded Research - Obstetrics and Gynecology

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Obstetrics and Gynecology

Moli Project; Grant (Rs.in lakh) 17.00

Shivkumar PV

Funded by Gynuity Health Project, New York, 2020

Community Based study of effect of Biomass fuel in Pregnancy outcome with special reference to hypertensive disorders, other complications, birth weights, still birth neonatal, infant mortality in tribal communities of Melghat region hilly forestry region of Amravati, Maharashtra in Central India Grant (Rs.in lakh): 13.3

Chhabra S

Funded by ICMR

Maternal and Perinatal Health Research (MaaTHRI Project);Grant (Rs.in lakh) 1.17

Chhabra S

Funded by Nuffield department of population health, University of Oxford

MCH Training Grant (Rs.in lakh) 6.7


Funded by Govt of Maharashtra, Govt of Madhya Pradesh, Govt of Assam

BIRAC Project $


Funded by BIRAC , Govt of India

PPH Project;Grant (Rs.in lakh) 35

Shivkumar PV

Funded by Harvard University, USA

Jiv Daya Partograph Project

Shivkumar PV

Funded by Jiv Daya Foundation, Dallas, Texas, USA, 2013 onwards

Educating rural Indian women about domestic and Sexual violence by utilizing ANM and ASHA

Tayade S

Funded by GHETS, USA

Hypertensive Pregnancy :Grant (Rs.in lakh) 2.2

Jain S

Funded by ICMR

Community based study of magnitude of abortion, spontaneous and induced, immediate and late complication and care sought by rural women of two district of Maharashtra; India Grant (Rs.in lakh)8.4 .

Chhabra S

Funded by ICMR

Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, prevention, early detection, prevention of savirity and mortality through cost effective sustainable ways in two tertiary centres in two state of india.

Chhabra S

Funded by ShrimantShankaradevi University of Health Sciences, Guwahati, Assam

GHETS Mini Project

Chhabra S

Funded by GHETS

Health seeking practices amongst women of Low Resource Rural Terrain

Chhabra S

Funded by Indo- Canadian – Shashtri Institute Through University of British Colombia

Emergency Obstetric Care

Dr. Poonam Varma Shivkumar

Funded by Govt of Maharashtra, Govt of India, FOGSI, AVNI Foundation

Prevention of parent to child transmission of HIV / AIDS $

Chhabra S

Funded by Govt of Maharashtra, 2002 onwards


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