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JBTDRC & Bioinformatics Centre

Sub-Distributed Information Centre under BTISnet Programme

Funding Agency: Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi
Duration : From March 1999 till 12th 5 year plan, 2017. Financial support for this Centre is likely to be extended for next 5 year plan
Principal Investigator: Dr. B. C. Harinath, Director, JBTDRC
Co - Investigator: Dr. Satish Kumar, Professor, Biochemistry

Bioinformatics Centre at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences was established in March 1999 with support from Department of Biotechnology, as part of National Bioinformatics Network. The Centre has thrust on Medical / Health Informatics since inception and is actively involved in infectious disease diagnostic research, Yoga & Naturopathy and training. In addition to providing academic bibliography search service and in-house training programs, the Centre organizes National level Workshops / Seminars / Symposia also and 17 such events organized so far have been well appreciated. SEVAMED a Quarterly Update on Infectious Disease Research and Lifestyle Diseases published by this Centre enters 16th year of its publication and has been well received by the medical teachers and scientists throughout India. With recent thrust on non communicable diseases by Government of India, lifestyle diseases have been added. ‘SEVAMED’ is available online with complete bibliography and link to abstracts for easy retrieval with interactive web pages. The Centre also publishes Arogyadham e-newsletter alerting and educating the people with tips for healthy living. BIC has developed databases on Mycobacterial proteases (Mycoprotease-DB, http://www.bicjbtdrc-mgims.in/MycoProtease-DB/), Mycobacterium tuberculosis Proteome comparison (MTB-PCDB, http://www.bicjbtdrc-mgims.in/MTB-PCDB/) and Human Papillomavirus Proteome (hpvPDB, http://www.bicjbtdrc-mgims.in/hpvPDB/) in collaboration with ACTREC, Mumbai. Centre has developed customized database software for patients’ information and launched a web portal MGIMS-JBTDRC Arogya on Holistic Healthcare and Research in Lifestyle diseases and MGIMS-JBTDRC Health Update for current awareness on emerging infectious diseases. The Centre also conducts curriculum based training and research program in Biotechnology & Bioinformatics and provides research platform to the aspirants in these disciplines under DBT’s studentship and traineeship programs. This Centre has launched online Health Informatics Course in July 2010 with quarterly enrolment arrangement and 34 students from UK, Uganda, Mauritius, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and from different states of India have registered so far.


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