Ulhas Jajoo

Emeritus Professor

Dr. Ulhas Jajoo, MD (Medicine) is Director Professor at the Department of Medicine,MGIMS. Dr Jajoo graduated from Government Medical College (GMC), Nagpur (1972) and received his degree of MD (Medicine) under the guidance of late Dr. B.S. Chaubey (1976) from GMC, Nagpur. He has been a faculty in the department of Medicine, MGIMS since 1977 and has guided 29 post graduate students.  He is one of the founder members of Medico Friend Circle and the in-charge of Health Assurance Scheme of the hospital. Dr Jajoo is one of those teachers who have elevated bedside medicine from the level of mundane clinical signs and symptoms to a beautiful piece of an art.  He teaches much more than Medicine – he teaches his students the true concept of being a doctor. He not only fosters excellence and pursuit of science but also ignites a passion for working for the community. A true believer in egalitariasm, Dr Jajoo advocates decentralization of resources and empowerment of poor in the community. His commitment to Gandhian values in health and upliftment of villages is evident from the successful implementation of the programme in villages in and around Sevagram. He has successfully evolved a model of community based health Insurance which facilitates all enrolled villagers access to healthcare in Kasturba Hospital, Sevagram. , Among the several awards that he has received, the noteworthy are Karmavir Dadasaheb Kannamwar award (2007), Dr. Wankar Memorial prize (2006), award for Social Work by Gandhi Trust (2002), and ‘Desasnehi’ award (1977).He has published about 150 articles.


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