Campus enjoys 1 GBPS Internet Connection

We, at MGIMS enjoy being techno savvy. MGIMS has a wireless broadband internet connectivity that offers a high-speed wireless network to the students and staff of the campus. The wireless network service allows students and faculty the freedom to make use of Wi-Fi enabled devices to connect to the Internet without needing to plug in a cable with connections at speeds of up to 1 GBPS. With over 25 kms of fibre optic/ local area network cable backbone structure, the campus gets a high speed internet facility. Students, interns, residents, faculty, administrative staff and paramedics enjoy being electronically connected with the world wide web, any time, anywhere on campus.

The connectivity through a fully networked campus with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, computing & communication resources, offers students the facilities of e-mail, net surfing, uploading images and documents and downloading articles.

Students and faculty have been assigned unique id and password after their smartphones, iPads, laptops and desktops are registered at the HIS (Hospital Information System).

Thus at MGIMS, you will find residents accessing the electronic hospital information system at the point of care, faculty browsing through UpToDate at the patient’s bedside and orthopedicians viewing razor sharp radiography images on their desktops. The administrators and the faculty use intramail to communicate with each other, and it is not unusual for the guests to access internet during their powerpoint presentations in the academy meetings.

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