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Workshops on Newborn Care and Resuscitation conducted

Workshops on Newborn Care and Resuscitation conducted

On 26-27 August, the Department of Pediatrics, MGIMS conducted the "24th Annual Workshops on Basic Newborn Care and Resuscitation" for the final year MBBS students. 100 students participated in the workshop.

For last 24 years, the department has been relentlessly trying to educate the MBBS students in the nuances of neonatal resuscitation and hone their resuscitation skills by conducting a workshop on neonatal resuscitation training. MGIMS was- and till very recently has been- the only medical college in the country to start this initiative of training in neonatal resuscitation skills for the final MBBS students.
Over the time, the department has evolved this activity based on various principles of adult learning and tried to make it more learner friendly. The didactic lectures were dropped and extensive hands on learning of the skills on the mannequins was incorporated this time.

On 26th August, various basic aspects of newborn care like prevention and management of hypothermia, feeding of normal and low birth weight babies, neonatal jaundice, neonatal sepsis, respiratory distress, danger signs etc were taught to the students.

On 27th August, hands on training was imparted to the students. The batch was divided into small groups of 16 students each where they could interact with the facilitator faculty, give feedback to each other and could learn together with problem based and peer driven learning. The entire newborn resuscitation algorithm was divided into specific individual skills. The medical students learnt how to prepare for the birth. The whole class learnt the same topic simultaneously by first watching a video demo together as a large group and then breaking down into small groups and practicing the skills at their own table. As the day passed by, the medical students learnt from preparation for birth, to routine care at birth, initial steps of resuscitation, bag-mask ventilation and chest compressions, to finally advanced care.

The response was overwhelming and students were thrilled having learnt the skills.

Ecstatic with the overall success of the workshop, Dr Manish Jain, Head of Pediatrics Department said, "We strongly believe in quality education. Our team of dedicated faculty try hard to impart both basic and advanced skills to the medical students, making them excel in terms of giving quality care." He also motivated the students to come up with their suggestions in making the future workshops even better.

Dr Akash Bang, Professor, Department of Pediatrics expressed his gratitude towards the management and other faculty members. He also thanked the head of the department for leading, motivating and supporting his entire team into believing in this unique educational activity and enthusing them into working hard to achieve it.


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