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Workshop on Glaucoma Training for district ophthalmologists conducted

The past year, for the department of Ophthalmology, has been a year of milestones.

From landing the multi-crore Diabetic Retinopathy project, to getting the PG sanction for increased seats, to achieving a swanky, new renovated look for the wards and OPDs, to equipping a new OT in Melghat, to building a brand-new departmental seminar hall and wet-lab… it has indeed been a year of laurels.

The latest in its list of achievements is– being chosen as the only centre in Maharashtra to impart Glaucoma hands-on surgical training to District Ophthalmic Surgeons. In an ambitious project lead by the Government of India and developed in association with AIIMS, Delhi— 22 centres spread across 20 states of India have been entrusted with the mammoth task of training district eye surgeons in screening, diagnosing and treating glaucoma, which is one of the leading causes of preventable blindness in India, albeit, managing to attract a disproportionately small percentage of the budget for eye diseases.

The first, in a series of five two-day workshops, aiming to impart hands-on training in various procedures: both, diagnostic and therapeutic: both, medical and surgical: both, minimally-invasive and invasive, got underway on the 14th- and 15th of November. Under the experienced supervision of Prof AK Shukla and under the leadership of Prof Smita Singh, this workshop saw surgeons from Amravati and Buldhana participate in an intensive learning program held across the seminar room, the OT, the special clinic and the wet-lab of the department of Ophthalmology.

Not only was this program a grand success– with glowing reviews from the participants; but, it also marked the start of a fully-functional wet-lab, which proposes to give training to post-graduates of the department in steps of cataract surgery and phaco-emulsification.

Landing a prestigious project for the larger well-being of the ocular health of the poorer population as well as paving the way for referral services and data collection is an auspicious omen for the ever-growing repertoire and reputation of the Department of Ophthalmology and hence of MGIMS, which now features prominently in the map of a shining healthy India.


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