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Permanent teeth restored in a 15 YO boy at Kasturba Hospital

Permanent teeth restored in a 15 YO boy at Kasturba Hospital

A 15-year-old boy who had undergone severe dental trauma could recently save his permanent tooth by taking a timely and appropriate dental treatment at Kasturba Hospital, Sevagram. Akash Singh (name changed) was bought to the hospital a month back after he fell off his bicycle. The fall had a severe impact on his mouth area. When he arrived at the hospital, his 2 upper jaw permanent teeth were hanging loosely from his gums whereas he was carrying 1 broken permanent tooth in his hand.

Dr Abhilasha Yadav and her team from the department of Dentistry at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences and Kasturba Hospital, Sevagram quickly performed the teeth transplantation surgery after giving him local anesthesia. The surgery lasted for more than half an hour. The team inserted the metal splint to support the affected dentition. After a month-long treatment, the splint was removed and the teeth were perfectly aligned back in their original state.

“Dislodgement of permanent teeth is one of the most serious dental injuries. Prompt treatment and correct emergency management can save your original tooth”, said Dr Abhilasha Yadav (Associate Professor, Department of Dentistry, MGIMS). “We tried our best to salvage the patient’s teeth”, she added.

“We are happy that our team was able to save the permanent teeth of the young boy. The patient’s natural dentition is restored now and he is able to carry on with his normal life”, informed Dr Praveen Sanghavi (Head of the Dental Department, MGIMS)

“Kasturba Hospital is now offering dental surgeries of all kinds. The community shall no longer need to approach private practitioners or spend thousands of rupees on these treatments”, informed Dr Poonam Shivkumar (Medical Superintendent, Kasturba Hospital)

“We were very scared initially after seeing my son’s teeth which were knocked out due to the trauma. We thought he would need a denture in place of his original teeth. But the team at Kasturba hospital reassured us and did no delay in giving our child the much-needed treatment”, said the patient’s mother. “His teeth are perfectly restored now and we are very thankful to the team”, she added


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Last Modified: Friday 17 May 2024.

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