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Awareness on Suicide Prevention organized by the Department of Pyschiatry

Awareness on Suicide Prevention organized by the Department of Pyschiatry

On the eve of World Suicide Prevention Week, the Department of Pyschiatry organized an impactful awareness program on September 11, 2023, at the Psychiatry ward between 10am to 12pm. The theme of the program was "Creating Hope Through Action." The event aimed to raise awareness about suicide prevention, and encourage people to take action at the community level.

The program commenced with a thought-provoking skit performed by nursing students. The skit portrayed real-life scenarios and the positive impact of timely intervention and support. It effectively conveyed the message that each one of us can contribute to preventing suicide through our actions. The event was further featured with original poems composed and sung by our dedicated nursing staff. Their heartfelt verses emphasized the importance of empathy, listening, and reaching out to those in distress. Visual representation through powerful posters and sketches played a significant role in the program. These artworks served as a platform for open discussions and allowed attendees to express their thoughts and feelings on this sensitive issue.

The highlight of the event was the address by our esteemed chief guest, Dr. Sally John, Associate Professor in Psychiatry at MGIMS. Dr. John provided valuable insights into the challenges faced by individuals dealing with suicidal thoughts and the importance of early intervention. The program concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks by Mrs. Sonali Mene, Head of Department of Psychiatric Nursing, who expressed gratitude to all participants, attendees, and contributors for making the event a success.

In conclusion, the awareness program conducted on September 11, 2023, on the occasion of World Suicide Prevention Week, was a remarkable success. It raised awareness about the critical issue of suicide prevention and fostered a sense of responsibility among the community members.

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