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List of Candidates not eligible for the post of Accountant

With reference to the Notification No. C/Gen/4741 dated 24/8/2023 published on MGIMS website and newspaper, applications received for the post of Accountant have been scrutinized. On the recommendation of the Scrutiny Committee, following applicants have been found to be not eligible in accordance with the eligibility criteria as mentioned in the advertisement.
In case any of the applicants are not satisfied with the reason for ineligibility he/ she may submit his/her representation supported by documentary evidence. No representation without supporting documents will be entertained. The said representation along with scanned copy of documents should be emailed to deanoffice@mgims.ac.in by 16/11/2023 and no representation thereafter will be entertained.
Candidate are requested to mention the subject of the e-mail as “Eligibility for the post of Accountant, Name of the Applicant (______________)                                                                                                                                    


List of Candidates not found eligible with reason

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