Alcohol and Drug De-addiction Center

A Drug de-addiction center for alcohol & substances abuse is functional at the department of Psychiatry since the inception of the Psychiatry center, 1998. It has been a Nodal World Health Organization Center for treatment and training in alcohol & drugs related problems. It is one of the Centre for Drug abuse monitoring activity under the ages of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Alcohol and substance abuse are among the most common psychiatric disorders which are associated with various medical, psychiatric, socio occupational and domestic problems. Many underlying mental illness are generally aggravated by substance abuse. Regular inpatient and outpatient treatment for the Alcohol and substance abuse are carried out at our center for the parts of central Maharashtra and the adjacent districts of Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Our center is functioning as research and referral tertiary care center for alcohol and substance abuse related problems. Regular group therapy is conducted for the patients and the family members by the trained psychologists-cum-counselors.

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