The Department provides both OPD and indoor services. Besides management of ENT and head and neck pathology, the ENT OPD has facilities for video-stroboscopy and electro-nystagmography. The Department also runs Speciality Clinics for allergy, tumor, audiology, vertigo and has facilities for speech therapy and evaluation. Among indoor services, the trained staff performs ear surgeries for deafness, surgeries for cosmetic and functional problems of the nose, surgery for head and neck ailments, cancer and facial trauma. The Department has facilities for endoscopy, functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), laryngoscopy, esophagoscopy and bronchoscopy. The Department provides outreach services to the community. Specialist visits are made each Thursday to Anji, Bhidi and Talegaon. Diagnostic camps, ROME camps, DDRC camps and school health surveys are conducted for ENT ailments in rural and urban schools in Wardha district. Educative lectures are delivered to school teachers and village elders.


The Department is involved in teaching undergraduate, postgraduate and nursing students. The monthly postgraduate training programme includes seminars, journal clubs and case presentations. Each activity is graded by a faculty member. These records are maintained as a form of internal assessment. Postgraduates also perform at least two temporal bone dissections in temporal bone laboratory under the guidance of a faculty member as a pre-requisite before being allowed to operate on patients. They are given graded responsibilities in the wards, operation theatres and in the Undergraduate teaching process. They participate in Social Service Camps in villages and rural specialty visits. They are encouraged to participate in workshops and present papers in regional and national conferences. They attend vertigo clinic, audiology, speech rehabilitation, radiotherapy and tumor clinics.


The present ongoing research includes studies on: management of inferior turbinate hypertrophy in case of deviated nasal septum, steroid plus antiviral versus steroid alone in the treatment of Bell’s palsy, grommet insertion versus topical nasal steroids for hearing loss in otitis media with effusion, intra-tympanic steroids in the treatment of sensorineural hearing loss, comparative study of ASSR, BERA, PTA in sensorineural hearing loss and extrapulmonary tuberculosis of the head and neck.


PS Nagpure

PS Nagpure

Director Professor & Head

Deepika Garg

Deepika Garg


Megha Kawale

Assistant Professor

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