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In the 45 years of its existence, MGIMS has enrolled 2983 students (1681 men and 1301 women). Of them, 2653 doctors (1527 men and 1126 women) have graduated from the hallowed premises of MGIMS. Several MGIMS alumni have won accolades for excellence in professional and community leadership and service; many are known for their exemplary contributions to the academics and research or to humankind and have received national and international recognition.

As of now a total of 329 students are studying for their MBBS at MGIMS; 192 are doing either internship or are completing their pre-PG rural stint; 140 are in the midst of their post graduation at MGIMS and another 31, are doing post-graduationelsewhere. Beginning the class of 1969 through the class of 2003, a total of 1061 students obtained their post graduation from MGIMS; 962 went to other medical schools for their post graduation. Close to 390 students did not pursue post-graduation.

Medical profession offers diverse career options. Of the 2995 medical students enrolled at MGIMS till now, 255 are Gynaecologists, 204 General Practitioners,184 Paediatricians, 156 Physicians, 134 Surgeons, 149 Anaesthesiologists, 131 Radiologists, 127 Ophthalmologists, 124 Orthopedic surgeons, 118 Pathologists, 99 Public Health Specialists, 63 Otorhinolaryngologists, 40 Psychiatrists, 26 Dermatologists, 18 Cardiologists,17 Intensivists, 11 Oncologists, six Cardiac Surgeons, Neurosurgeons, Gastroenterologists and Radiation Oncologists each, and five Plastic Surgeons, Nephrologists and Endocrinologists each. In addition, 32 alumni opted for Pharmacology, 22 chose Microbiology, 20 are Forensic Medicine Experts, 11 obtained MD in Physiology, eight picked up Biochemistry, and seven teach Anatomy. Twenty alumni are practising Family Medicine.

Interestingly, MGIMS alumni have also chosen to tread on alternative tracks such as Indian Administrative Services, Biomedical Engineering, Pharma Industry, Sports Medicine, and Hospital Administration.

Our alumni, spread far and wide across the globe, have significantly enhanced the reputation and prestige of their Alma Mater through their distinguished careers and unselfish contributions to society. As of now, a total of 126 MGIMS alumni are located in the United States of America, 73 in the United Kingdom, 27 in United Arab Emirates, 17 in Australia, 15 in Canada, 12 in Sultanate of Oman, nine in New Zealand, seven in Singapore, six in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, five in Maldives, four in Denmark, and two each in Trinidad and Tobago and Nepal. Twenty alumni are in 20 other countries, each.

The top-5 Indian states where MGIMS alumni are currently located at are: Maharashtra (913), New Delhi (191), Haryana (131), Uttar Pradesh (126) and Punjab (50).

We like to put the spotlight on alumni achievements - in their careers, in the contribution they have made to their communities, to education or to culture. At MGIMS, we are proud of our alumni and the difference they have made in the world.

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